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Family Law Attorneys in Bucks County

Choosing the right family law attorney is the most critical decision that you will make in confronting the difficult legal, financial, and social issues which you will encounter in your divorce, or in any other litigation matter. That lawyer should have a thorough understanding of the underlying issues; as well as extensive experience in drafting complaints, petitions, and settlement agreements. Your lawyer must have the drive and determination to take your case to court and to litigate your claims to the fullest extent, should that become necessary. Your lawyer should be able to tell you what to expect from the legal process. You want a lawyer who will return your telephone calls and answer your emails promptly. You need a lawyer who will focus on your case and on you as an individual, and you want a lawyer who will not pass your case off to a junior associate.


My 40 years of litigation experience has provided me with the expertise to properly evaluate your situation, to help you in choosing the appropriate approach to your problems, and to obtain the best possible outcome for you.